-National Information Template-

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-National Information Template-

Post  Allistia on Sun Apr 10, 2011 6:23 pm

This is just an idea, but I'd like to know what the community here thinks about it. Things can always be changed. =]

[National Flag Here]

Nation: (Your nation's name, here! =] )

Languages: (Spoken languages, or perhaps the one language spoken by the government.)

Motto: (Your nation's motto goes here.)

Capitol: (Capitol City)

Government Type: (Democracy, Constitutional Monarchy, Socialist State.. ect.)

Leader: (Leader, With Title as Well)

Estimated Population: (I think it's okay if you use your own IC number, instead of the one from the NationStates website.)

Currency: (Currency)

History: (The creative part. It can be brief, or long. Your choice.)

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Re: -National Information Template-

Post  San Pellegrino Romana on Thu Apr 14, 2011 9:05 pm

I like it! It's like a mini-factbook or an OP for one.

San Pellegrino Romana

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