The ACAR M11

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The ACAR M11

Post  Atlum on Tue Apr 26, 2011 11:06 pm

Weapon type: Assault Rifle
Weight: 4 lbs
Length: 27in. (with stock extended)
Ammo: 6.5mm
Magazine Capacity: 35 rounds
Rate of Fire: 500 rpm
Effective range: 720 yds(Full auto), 810 yds(Semi auto)
Muzzle Velocity: 2,750 ft/s
Price: $375
DPR: $75 Million

After the battlefield success of the ACAR M10 being deployed in the hands of Atlumon paratroopers army officials wanted to see it deployed in the hands of the regular army. But the ACAR M10's specifications didn't meet the armies standards. So the ACAR M10's designers went back to the drawing board to redesign a new assault rifle based on the ACAR M10 that would fit the armies standards. The end result the ACAR M11 packs more punch than it's forefather while still maintaining the high reliability and simplicity of the ACAR M10. One of the biggest changes other than the caliber is the ability to upgrade and/or modify the weapon without compromising the integrity of the weapon. This new upgrade ability allows other branches of Atlum's armed forces to adapt the ACAR M11 as well. Ranging from special forces to law enforcement.

Below you can find the many possible variations of the ACAR M11:


Sub-Machine Gun

Sniper Rifle

Machine Gun

Special Forces


We will be selling the variations of the ACAR M11 separately but for now only the standard is available

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